How to Have the Perfect Romantic Getaway on a Budget in Ubud, Bali

How to Have the Perfect Romantic Getaway on a Budget in Ubud, Bali

Bali is more than just beaches. If you travel inward, you’ll find lush forests of palm trees and the sun reflecting off rice paddy fields. This tropical paradise is an inexpensive but dreamy place to vacation as a couple. Here are 5 ways to have the perfect romantic getaway on a budget in Ubud:

1. Stay in a guesthouse. Stephen and I stayed in the garden room at Jawi House & Painter and loved it. Our hostess, Putu, was so accommodating – she’ll cook you an amazing breakfast, lend you a sarong for the temple, and help you make any arrangements if you ask. You’ll have your own peaceful retreat at the end of each day.

ubud, bali - couple - breakfast - perfect romantic getaway on a budget

2. Get lost together. Explore the rice paddies and Campuhan Ridge Walk, then end up at a bar’s happy hour drinking 2-for-1 mango mojitos (try: Cinta Grill) or somewhere watching the sunset. If you’re both adventurous, rent a scooter, grab two helmets, and take off. Enjoy the rush of driving down hectic streets with few rules.

ubud, bali - bridge - perfect romantic getaway on a budget

3. Play with the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Laugh together as you each get jumped on when you least expect it, and leave with great photos. Be careful though! The mischievous monkeys will try to steal your things or bite if they feel threatened. Follow the posted rules and you’ll have a fun day.

ubud, bali - dev playing with monkeys - perfect romantic getaway on a budget

4. Treat yourself and your significant other to a day of relaxation. Indulge in a long couple’s massage or other spa treatments. They’re all inexpensive, so don’t stop at just one (try: Karsa Spa). Attend a yoga class, then hydrate with fresh coconut water. Either way, end your day together with a romantic dinner at Ibu Rai.

ubud, bali - coconut, acai bowl - perfect romantic getaway on a budget

5. Embrace the Balinese culture. Wander around the crowded Ubud market. Dress in sarongs and explore the Gunung Kawi temple and it’s scenic walks around the grounds. Put your hands together when you say thank you. You might get annoyed when you’re asked “taxi?” over and over as you walk down the street, but you’ll also encounter some beautiful hospitality and customs.

ubud, bali - dev walking in rice fields - perfect romantic getaway on a budget

The best part of all this? We did it all on a combined budget of less than a $100 USD per day! So sweep your significant other away to the perfect cheap romantic getaway. You’ll fall deeper in love with each other as you fall for Ubud.