Nin, Croatia: The Cutest Day Trip on the Dalmatian Coast

Nin, Croatia: The Cutest Day Trip on the Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian coast of Croatia offers a little of everything for a summer getaway: islands, mountains, and relics of ancient history. It’s turned into a well-known vacation spot, with tourists packing into cities like Hvar and Dubrovnik. However, on my recent Croatian road trip, I found some of the small towns to be the most charming. Trust me, head outside the larger cities and visit Nin — it’s the cutest day trip on the Dalmatian Coast. Here are a few of my favorite places you’ll see:

Nin’s Lagoon

Nin, Croatia Lagoon

When driving up, I first saw the colorful sails of wind surfers on the lagoon surrounding Nin. The old town is located on an island in the lagoon’s center, making it a leisurely place to take a stroll.

The Church of the Holy Cross

Nin, Croatia - The Church of the Holy Cross

This 9th century church at the heart of Nin’s old town is called “the smallest cathedral in the world.” Does it get much cuter? Surrounded by flowers and the remains of long gone buildings, it’s a scenic place to immerse yourself in some Croatian history. You can even explore the tiny interior!

The Bell Tower

While The Church of St. Anslem is slightly overshadowed by the other churches of Nin, I loved the garden beside it. My favorite part? The 13th century bell tower.

The Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas in Nin, Croatia

Just outside the city itself, this beautiful landmark is surrounded by the fields of Prahulje. According to legend, the seven kings of Croatia that were crowned in Nin all rode here on horseback to complete the ritual. Stop here on your drive out of Nin. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.

We explored Nin at the beginning of our trip, and by the end it was still our cutest day trip in Dalmatia. There’s also a picturesque old stone bridge and gate that leads you into the most “touristy” part of the town. You’ll find restaurants, souvenir shops, and best of all — gelato. Don’t expect the hustle of nearby cities like Zadar. Instead, visit this little town if you’re looking for a pretty place to wander.

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Nin, Croatia: The Cutest Day Trip on the Dalmatian Coast - Devstinations | If you're traveling to Croatia, don't forget to check out Nin. With tiny cathedrals and a blue lagoon, it's a perfect day trip from Zadar!